Tour Highlights

CAB4INDIA offer their visitor a new experience of adventure while staying in Varanasi, Under this package we take our guest to Changraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary, Raj Dari and Dev Dari. A complete package to celebrate your holidy in lap of nature, jungle and waterfall.



The Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary (also known as Chandraprabha) is situated in the region of Uttar Pradesh. It is well endowed with beautiful picnic spots, dense forests, and scenic waterfalls like Rajdari and Devdari that attract tourists every year to its vicinity. Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary is situated about 70 kilometres from the historic city of VARANASI.


This is the greatest waterfall of this area as its height is more than 65 meters and the amount of water is huge that falls. Best time to visit is from September to March. Winter and Spring is best. Its in the midst of the Chandraprabha wild life reserve. There is a dam some 1 Km before it on the river and thus a water reservoir is formed which feeds the waterfall. Name of the dam is also Chandraprabha Dam and the Forest is also called Chandraprabha.


Dev Dari is on of the great place to visit, As the place is full of wild animals, waterfall. A dam is also situated near to Dev Dari.